Thursday, August 26, 2010

New ATCs for Trade


  1. these are awesome -- would be proud to add any of these to my collection. Would you consider a 1-1 trade or more as there are 3 of these I would love to own.

  2. I love the them all but the peacock is so wonderful.
    Barbara Delisle

  3. Love the peacock ATC. I think I may have to find myself a peacock stamp so I can try this.

  4. These are all amazing, Claudine. I love the variety of techniques you used. Do you have more than one of each of these to trade? Leatha P.

  5. Hey, Claudine,
    I forgot to mention that I received the Letters to the World microscope mailer from you. So Cute! I love the tiny spiral note pad on it. Anyway, these cards her awesome. I would love to trade for the Peacock card. Just view my blog and let me know.
    Have a great week.
    Virginia Bell

  6. Really fun seeing all of your creativity! Looking forward to meeting you in person :)