Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm working on today

Stayed home for a little bit today. I'm not feeling quite right today, I think I'm fighting off something. Anyway, I worked on a few ATCs and the toilet paper journal today. Here is what I came up with on both.

These are the ATCs I worked on

This is the toilet paper journal page that I finished. Now I need to make a matching Tag to go inside.


  1. I love your TP roll page its perfect!!!!

  2. I love the toilet paper book page! totally my style! I love the quilt too!!!
    So do you have a secret for organizing both a sewing and scrapping room?

  3. I never thought of embossing a butterfly...I like that idea. I also like the colours you used, you did a nice job.

  4. excellent tp work ... but I really love that halloween queen of hearts atc!

  5. I love your TP Page. Its elegant and the color is perfect.

  6. Glad whatever is affecting you isn't getting to your crafting: These are lovely!