Monday, August 6, 2012

August Rolodex Swap

This month I am going to a Tim Holtz class at the Queen's Ink Store in Maryland and I am SO excited. I can't believe that I will actually get to meet Mr. Holtz himself. YAY!
Since I get to meet Tim I made this months Rolodex swap in the theme of "Gears" and I am giving Tim one of each of the cards that the guys and gals submit in the swap. (assuming they want one to go to him) 
I am really happy that I can actually provide him some of the Rolodex cards that we have enjoyed swapping in the AllThingsTim yahoo group. So without further delay here is my submission for August's theme and an extra for Tim. :)

This is the back of the rolodex card. The little card is in a plastic sleeve so you can actually take it out and see the front. The front has a picture of the Steampunk tag that I made for a swap earlier this year that Tim got one of. :)


  1. see you at the Queen's Ink in a couple of weeks!

  2. Love these and bright!!! Great idea to give them to him!

  3. Beautiful stamping, Claudine. Love your rolodex card! Have a blast in class with Tim... I know you will!

  4. I, wish I was going. Come, back and share.. What, you learn. Peace, Cherry Otting-Heath