Thursday, February 27, 2014

Part One - An Online Class

I am taking an online class by Kate Crane over at The Kathryn Wheel
It's called "Journal Soup" and I just took the first lesson and it's fantastic! I love Kate's style and esthetic and It's so awesome to learn from her 
The lesson is only 10.00 and I love that she is using the same recipe card tray that I use. I store my 4x6 postcards in this tray and she uses this class to create 4x6 journal cards

Here is my first card from my first portion of the class

So good, right? There is a little pocket that I can store misc strips of paper in that I want to use later.
I really love the outcome of this one and cannot wait to start the next postcard!! YAY!!
Thanks for coming by and be sure to check out Kate's class


  1. Kate's classes are excellent I have spent 2 days with her learning how she does things ..., she is very good at teaching
    Looks like you are enjoying your online classes..., great project

  2. I think that what i need to do one day when I get rich is take some classes and here I through you was doing the teaching Claudine.The trading block do you have a ten plate that you would share????
    Thank you MaryRedford

  3. What a great looking card. Maybe I need to check out that class.

  4. These journal cards are wonderful! I LOVE your color!

  5. This is stunning!

  6. Lucky you, Claudine! Great work right out of the barn!!

  7. Beautiful! Your use of colour is really striking, and I'm loving the layers. So glad to have you playing along in journal Soup. And thanks for the shout out :-)