Friday, August 27, 2010

Creating More and More

I have been working on creating some really cool ATCs, I got the idea for these from a gal on a trading card list that I'm on and I just had to try the technique. It's a layering technique with use of gesso and stamps. It was fun to make some of these and the picture below with the butterfly was also this type of ATC. I have more to come (they are in the drying process) so come back and check them out.
These are all up for trade too, so if you want to trade please email me.

These were alot of fun to make, I got carried away lol.


  1. I love your artwork but would suggest either a different color than green -- it is very hard to see.

  2. Love your blog..

    So looking forward to trading ATC's with you.

  3. Claudine i love your ART work very lovely
    I love the BG's....


  4. Love your artwork. Your blog looks great too.

  5. These are wonderful - let me know if you want to trade - and great job updating the blog