Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Locks of Love

So I went today and got my hair cut off for locks of love. It was quite stressing but I kind of like the new style. It's cute I guess and the gal got a little carried away on the highlights but it's ok. I'm just glad I could donate to such a great cause!!! The first picture is the before.. the rest are the afters.


  1. I love the new hairstyle. It makes you look perky and quite snazzy. I think she did great with the highlights. They really lighten up your face and bring out your smile.

  2. I like the new hair style alot and am proud of you for donating your hair to such a wonderful cause. The style looks terrific on you, and I like the highlights.

  3. I like the puzzles pieces, and where you get the picture of the girl you use it a pretty face for what you make a paris theme and the gold color is preface for that theme...
    Thank you for having me ....

  4. Aren't you pretty! I did locks of love 2 years ago. and then this year i was aiming for 8 inches again, but when we had the fire and then no power for 8 days i was so hot I took the barber shaver think and cut off all my hair on the longest clip setting (which was still pretty damn short) LOL it wasa good thing to do for the summer though and also it let me see for REAL, just how GRAY I am LOL!!

    I am glad you enjoyed the puzzle piece swap, they turned out wonderful! I just finished mine, have to take pics yet.

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I'm really loving the new shortness haha!

  6. Hello Claudine ~ visiting you from the local altered arts group :)
    Congrats on your locks of Love adventure ... I did that a few years ago after having hair down to my waist for many many years. I guess we know when the time is right!
    Your new do looks great!