Monday, September 6, 2010

Altered Altoid Tin Swap

I have a swap going on one of my Yahoo swap groups, it's where you get an Altoid Tin and alter it in some way to create altered artwork with it. The following is a few pictures of the Tin that I altered and will swap out. This was so much fun and I love Alice in Wonderland so it was fun to do the Halloween Wonderland theme.  The first thing I did was sand it a little and then added paint. I used a nice cream beige color to go with the paper behind Alice. Then I glued some different ribbons on the outside front and did some paper layering for Alice, I also used some texture scissors and some black ink around the edges of the paper to make it "pop" a little more. I punched a hole on the side and added the red brad so that it would look like a drawer handle and added some worded paper on each side. On the inside I painted the top and bottom edges with black paint and added the paper layering here again. I also added some words and used ink for the textured paper look on the pieces with words. I used a red heart brad for the Queen of Hearts tail and I used Collage Podge on top of it all to give the shiney look to it. I added the green ribbon around the inside bottom to give it a nice softer look on the inside.


This is the outside view from the front

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  1. Ha Ha ..This is so adorable... What fun !!! Thanks for posting this !!!