Friday, September 17, 2010

Work in Progress

We are doing a chunky ATC swap in one of my groups on Yahoo, it's a 2x4 piece of wood and we are supposed to decorate each side with a theme and I worked all day one this one. It's not done yet, but I wanted to post pictures of what I have so far so I can get some feedback. I have to say, for some reason this one was really hard for me to come up with an idea and start putting it together. I do have some embellishments that I want to add and some things to "finish" it. I'm hoping to do the next one in a Halloween theme but again, it's been tough for me to get started on these for some reason. I am only showing three sides so far, one side isn't done and the top isn't started yet. Also, as I am looking at the pictures I can tell that the wood was bowed a little when looking at it from the side but it actually isn't very noticable in person. Please give me your feedback.


  1. I think it looks great. Follow your heart and don't fret too much. The piece will take on a life all it's own if you relax and let the process happen.
    You're very talented so I know the finished product will be amazing!

  2. I think that it would look neat to wrap the red butterflies all the way around the narrow edges on all 4 sides. I like the neutral background and the butterfly theme. I have trouble coming up with my initial ideas as well. What type of paint did you use for the block?

  3. I used a crackle paint by Tim Holtz then I sealed it with a spray on sealer so it wouldn't chip off the wood. Thanks for the nice comments!! :-)