Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fun with Paint

Ok so a friend of mine that is on one of my yahoo groups did this awesome tutorial on background techniques. So, I just had to try it, here are my finished mini works of art. :-)
The first picture is my work right after I added all the paint and sandwiched it between two cardboard pieces.

The next picture is the canvas after I added more paint and some patterns, I also spritzed it with glitter paint, I'm going to use this one for some inchie projects I need to do, so it will be cut up into 1x1 inch pieces

The next picture is the 2nd canvas that I had done and this one I will be keeping for myself.


  1. Claudine! This came out spectacular! Great job!

  2. Oh Claudine! My daughter said.. Oh Cool.. she likes the butterfly! I see a pretty girl peeking out at me up there too~

    Did you like the technique?


  3. Hey Claudine, your backgrounds turned out fabulously! They're going to look awesome cut up into inchies (ATC's too!)

  4. the backgrounds look fabulous.....I really like the one that you are not cutting up- what size is this one?

  5. It's 6 x 6 1/2 in size. Small but still substantial

  6. Great experiment.... nice background for a real creative card...

  7. Really lovely! I wanna try this!