Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scraps

I am heading up a swap on one of my Yahoo groups called the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scraps. I saw this idea in Somerset Life Magazine and thought it was such a cute idea. The idea is to swap some of your scraps with someone else, you would each put together some scraps,while  putting thought into what your sending to the next person, not just a bunch of junk but some things they can use, like buttons, ribbon, cute scraps of paper etc etc... then, make a little dressed up pouch for your scraps and make them cute and then send them onto someone else. I thought I would share one of the pouches that I made for the swap. This is just one of two pouches that I'm making and sending to my partner. The next pouch will have the ribbon and buttons and things inside, this one is mostly paper, die cuts, pages from old books etc... I'm also filling a little tin for her as well. :)




  1. fabu claudine...thank you much for sharing, now i have a visual image to start me creating! is it made from fabric or paper?? :)

  2. Love it-great colors and style-your partner is going to love it

  3. AWESOME, so glad you posted this, as I thought it was basically filling an envelope. so now I know the real deal. I do not have a sewing machine, but I will make something equally lovely! remember I want 2 partners.

  4. Oh, this is a cute idea, Claudine. TFS the sample too…very inspiring! I am going to share this with some crafty girlfriends :) Love it.