Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Done!! YAY!

I worked on this quilt all day yesterday and it's finally all finished. I'm so excited that I've finished my first ever quilt. I did have a mishap, when it was time to sew the top, bottom and batting together I sandwhiched it wrong and had it all sewn and had to take it all apart. Took me about two hours to take it apart ugg! God taught me a lesson in patience with that one. After it was taken apart, I re-sandwhiched it and sewed it again. Luckily it came together fine and turned out great. I didn't quilt all over it I just tacked each square, I used orange thread and tacked the square with two little hearts each. The top 6 squares each have Leanne's name in them. So the top squares spell out Leanne and the rest of the squares have hearts. I have to say that I've been wanting to learn to do quilting for a long time and I'm so happy that I decided to dive into it. It's so fun and I am hooked. 
This is the back side of each square with the hearts.

The Front side with the hearts inside each square

Back of quilt

Front of quilt 


  1. wow...beautiful beautiful quilt. diggin' the pieced backing, so eleanor burns! thank you for sharing ... :)

  2. WOW that looks like a lot of must be so pleased with how it turned out Claudine

    what a really lovely gift for your daughter!

  3. that my friend is one gorgeous quilt...a heck of a lot of work too! Hope your daughter appreciates it. :)

  4. I want to learn to do this…someday. This is gorgeous, Claudine! I love your bright fabric colors and the pattern.