Monday, August 29, 2011

My Tim Holtz Day

Well, I have taken the plunge and created my very first Tim Holtz inspired Tag today. I brought the laptop into my computer room with me and watched a few "how to" vids from Tim's website and by golly I DID IT!!! haha!!
I have wanted to do some "Tim" projects for awhile now but with limited resources it's been tough so I got a few die cuts from a friend and bought 4 distress stains and some grunge paper from Michael's and low and behold, I made a cool tag. I found out that you can actually do a lot with limited items. I cut my own tag from an old file folder and used the distress stains on it. I love the way it came out all grungy (is that a word?) and stuff. The file folder was sort of a coffee color when it started, not the manilla like most tags start out as, so it came out darker and I really like it. I used the grunge paper and stamped a Christmas holly stamp on it with some distress stain and then I used the stain on my craft mat like paint and painted the image with it. So basically everything was made grungish with the stains. Pretty cool.  Maybe tomorrow I will do another one. hehe!! 
I really need to get some more Tim Holtz items for my next tag. lol

This is a picture taken inside the house

This is a picture of it outside in natural light