Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Art Journal For my Daughter

I have been working on Christmas gifts and have been making my family members homemade gifts. (Which are near and dear to my heart, I love HOME MADE!!)
At any rate, I really wanted to make my 20 year old daughter an art journal of her very own. She is a very talented young lady, a writer and also loves to draw and make art. She doesn't really have an art journal that is truly personal so I decided to make her one that hopefully she will love. 
I just love the way this came out so I had to share with all of you the final outcome of the front cover. I'm also going to create one page inside specially for her from her Mommy!! HaHa!

The first thing I did for the cover was sand it a bit. and then painted the entire front and spine with gesso in order to prime. 
I wanted to make the cover pop with lots of beautiful color so once the gesso was dry I sprayed the entire cover with different colors of Dyan Reaveley's sprays.  I didn't really think about it before I did that but I had a delima after the sprays were dry. How was I going to seal this cover so the colors would not run. Being that they were Dyan's they are water based and I couldn't use traditional sealers. I ended up using some Krylon glossy spray sealer and started with a very light coat and added two other light coats after the first was dry. Being very careful not to spray too much at a time so that the colors would not run.
Before I sprayed that I used acrylic paints to create layers with stencils and stamps and I also added the letter there. The letter was part of a letter than Brittney has written to me awhile back. It was heartfelt and wonderful so I really wanted to add it into my creation of the cover of this journal. I didn't want the paper to be white so I added some sprays to that as well. You can't really see what it says here but you can read it when your holding the journal in person. Her writing is very tiny. lol...
I added some embelishments and the words "Expect the Unexpected" because Brittney is a poem writer and her poems are very real and unexpected. I also added to Raven at the bottom because her middle name is Raven. I added the symbol to the book mark because her favorite football team is the Saints, she loves them! haha! I also wrote her name on the spine and added a few steancils there. 

The Following Two pictures are a few I took prior to adding the  three acryilic parts to the bottom, I wasn't sure what I was going to do there and decided to add the Raven after. I also changed the charm that was added to the bookmark ribbon as well. I wanted it to be more personal.

I will be posting this journal into the following challenges this week:
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Sunday Stamper  Something Blue

Thanks for checking me out here! Be Inky everyone!!


  1. This is great. Im sure she will treasure it for years to come

  2. Wow adopt me? What a lovely gift she will treasure it forever!

  3. I love it, Claudine, the phrase and the colors. It inspires me for something I wanted to make for my DIL. She writes songs and uses a spiral notebook. I'd like to make her a special book to keep them in.

  4. Hello claudine,

    This journal is priceless because of all the love and thoughts you put in it especially for your daughter !

    I like the bold colors and the personal items you added that reflects something of your daughter.

    I really hope she gets it filled with her poems and art, so it will become a heritage item

    Greetings from belgium

  5. This is beautiful, Claudine! Love the layers! Your daughter is one lucky girl to get such a wonderful gift from the heart. I'm sure she'll treasure it.

  6. Hi Claudine,
    I think your daughter is very lucky...
    Great art journal!
    Have a nice day,

  7. Hi Claudine-I think she will love it! You made it hers! You did a great job! Beautiful work!

  8. Very pretty journal. You do such great work. I'm sure your daughter will be very happy with it.

  9. She is sure to love it! Gorgeous! I love the collage and the color!

  10. She's going to love it. My soon to be 18 yr old daughter has been picking up smash books every time we go to the craft store. I think she's hinting pretty heavy that she wants a journal too.

  11. I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled with this fabulous journal! Linked to this thru the SMWYG challenge.

  12. Brilliant colors and stamping... bet she'll adore it!

  13. I know she'll love it. Great job

  14. This is lovely.. she will love it, I'm sure!

  15. Brittney is very lucky to have such a creative Mom, I'm sure she will love this gorgeous journal. Thanks for joining us at Opus Gluei with your incredible talent!!

  16. A beautiful idea and really done well, I love that you are sharing your art with your daughter and creating a really special something between you two. Thank you so much for sharing this inspiration with us at Opus Gluei!