Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Having Issues!!

Ever have one of those days when everything that you make turns out terrible? Well, I had one of those days today. UGH!!
I was playing with the Gelli Plate and stencils and embossing paste and all kinds of stuff. I just don't know if I like what I came up with. My intention was to make some ATCs for a swap and a challenge and I just hate them!! LOL. Tried to save them and just made it worse I think lol.
Oh well, maybe tomorrow will bring better craftyness!!

Let me know what you think.. cause I think I have a brain malfunction going on today. 

Sorry I can't show you something beautiful and amazing today but we all have our "off" days right?


  1. The creative pool runs dry. Take breaks when your work is doing really good. Next time will feel better.

  2. Claudine. its OK we all do have off days at least you didnt sent them to the swap like I did iam waiting to see if they are good enough. so i have time to make more mine was great until I tryed to seal the card with a coating and the green ink smeared,,,,iam waitting on Cindy's grand daughter now I love what you made.
    Have a great day any way!!

  3. Just like the rest of us, I think you are a little too critical of your own work. They are not the best things you've done but I like them.

  4. i think your heart fun is beautiful and wonderful!

  5. Too critical is right! Sleep on it! If in the morning you still hate them start over. I think they are darling.