Monday, February 18, 2013

Newest Art Journal Page

Been working on some art journal pages today and this is one that I just finished. I used some of my daughter's writing and some other misc pages that I wanted to use to layer with. I just sort of slapped things on and added some paint here and there, circles and stamps and some of my own writing. 
I first ended up with this:

I didn't like the way the large words were, they just weren't popping like I wanted them to so I added some black around each paper.

Much Better!!

It looks like a mess but it's a happy mess. I love that my daughters writing is in the background too.


  1. Dear Claudine, just another wonderful Art Journal side I am so excited to follow your blog such a great inspriration!
    you doing fantatic art here!

  2. Really cool Claudine. It looks like the big words are floating, great effect! Love the colors, too.

  3. I love than it is all stamping! Great vivid color!