Monday, May 20, 2013

Scrapbooking Again

Today has been a funny sort of day. I finished a few projects that I have been working on but my heat tool died on me, it just went Kaput!! I was in the middle of making a card for a friend and it just died! So now I need to go get a new one I suppose. It's just my luck, I have so many things I'm wanting to finish and I guess you never really know how much you use a heat tool until you don't have one. 
Anyway, I finished a Scrapbook page today and wanted to share it with you. I recently decided that I needed to do more scrapbooking, not only for myself but for my family and kids. My daughter often looks through our scrapbooks and she just smiles and laughs as she enjoys each one. (we have about 10 total) I have been a scrapbooker since my kids were babies and now they are 21 and 15. 
Since I hadn't done this in awhile, I had to go back and start where I left off, about 2009!! Yikes! It's been awhile. 
Here is a two page spread that I finished for Mother's Day 2009. My nephew had just been in a tragic motorcycle accident and had passed away a month prior. He was only 21.. and it was so tough on my sister and our entire family. We miss him so much... we all decided to get together in support of my sister and also to celebrate our Mom for the holiday. I have more family that didn't make it onto the page that were there but for some reason I didn't take a lot of photos. :(
My youngest daughter had also recently gotten surgery on her wrist for a ganglion cyst so you can see her bandages in the photos. 

It's really hard to photograph a 2 page spread but this is the two pages together. I must tell you, it's a bit harder to get back into scrapbooking after I've been doing the mixed media and other crafts. I want everything to have dimension and I can't really have a lot of things sticking up too far so that the pages don't get bent or ruined once they are added to the book and put together. 
I really like how it turned out and I'm sure once I create more, the pages will just take on a life of their own. I've been searching around online for inspiration and have found that a lot of people who scrapbook only do one photo per page and add a lot of dimensional flowers or embellishments and I want mine to go into an album, plus, I want more photos on the page.  I prefer to add three or more photos to one scrapbook page to help tell my story. So you will most likely see more than one photo on my pages. 
 I added Prima flowers to this page, these are great because they are soft and flatter. (unless you stack them, then you can do so much with them but that was too much for my page) I also wanted some sort of button in the middle and since i didn't want bulky, I made my own out of grunge paper, card stock and a marker. 

I like how the pages turned out but it sure is a switch from what I normally do. I'm going to keep working on it.
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  1. Beautiful pages!! I swear I am gonna start one for each of my kitties, and I have ALL the family pictures, so I guess I'll do a "family" one, too - I got all the stuff, just can't seem to do it. :)

  2. Great pages. I know what you mean about doing SBing after all the mixed media. You've captured important times and I'm sure your family will treasure them.