Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finished Necklaces

It's a beautiful spring day here in Virginia, the sun is shinning and the birds are chirping. I'm getting ready to head out with the family to do something totally unproductive! haha!

Remember my post where I created a going away card? If not, here is a link to the post "Going Away Card" .... I showed you at the end of the post some pendants that I was working on to sort of match the card. I did the background for the pendants the same that I did the front of my card. 

Well, the ice resin finished setting up and I put together my necklaces this morning and I wanted to show you my finished pieces. They turned out really great. 

I used Vintaj brass colored wire to string my small beads and created head pin for each one. I also used Tim Holtz Idea-ology tassels on the bottom portion and mini gears for the inside.

Both necklaces are not the same but I think they both turned out great.  

I used Spellbinders Media Mixage for the bezel and some found objects and watch parts for the innards of each one. 
Thanks so much for coming by today, have a super day!!


  1. These are truly stunning! Thank you for letting us see them!

  2. Claudine, I think they turned out perfect. I love the way the Ice Resin when dry looks just like glass.

  3. WOW! You tried to explain this to me the other day, but these are so much more detailed and lovely than I ever imagined. Fantastic, Claudine!

  4. They came out fabulous! Like Eileen said, patience is the key. I took the same class with her, and we were told to put on a flat surface for 3 days (like, undisturbed in a cabinet to avoid dust getting in).