Thursday, May 15, 2014

Auction in Support "Bring Back My Girls"

On April 14, nearly 300 girls were abducted from their school in Nigeria simply for pursuing an education. One month later, artists are coming together for these girls. On May 15, artists around the world will post, tweet and create around this issue and the right of girls everywhere to pursue an education without fear. Many artists have donated work to be auctioned off on May 15. All proceeds will go to, a global campaign for girls' education.
The Auctions will start today May 15th at 7am EDT and end May 17th at 3am EDT

I have been following this story and I really wanted to do something to help get these girls back from their captors. I have created two pieces for this auction at 32 Auctions, I hope you will have a look at all the wonderful pieces that all the artists have created and possible give them a bid. You can also donate monies if you don't want to bid on anything.
Anything you give goes directly to Girls Rising to support the world wide struggle to educate girls safely

The two piece I have donated are a 5x7 flat mixed media canvas
created using acrylic paint, Dina Wakley and Tim Holtz stamps, Wendy Vecchi embossing paste and stencils

and also a 17" necklace made completely by me using beads and Tim Holtz ideaology part and alcohol inks

There are also many other artists who have donated items for the auctions -

Kay Wallace

Sally Lynn MacDonald

Jill Meyer

Thanks so much for any support you give and make sure to check out the auctions at:


  1. 2 gorgeous pieces! Now fingers crossed... right? ;)

  2. Two absolutely gorgeous donations, Claudine!! I am participating, too, although my blog address is not included in the list provided to us...but, no matter. I am privileged to participate, too! Great work!

  3. Just a few months earlier (in February this year), 59 boys in Nigeria were abducted from their school by these same terrorists for the same reason---- a Western education. The terrorists murdered these boys by burning them alive. At the time, the girls were set free and the terrorists just took the boys. Hardly any news station reported the story---I only saw it reported on one network. Every day the boys, girls, and teachers are targets for these terrorists---the problem is much larger than you will ever see reported. The efforts now being made to save these 276 girls only scratches the surface to what this is really all about. I don't think any country has the guts to deal with these terrorists in the only language they seem to understand. Shame on our world leaders for letting this continue. Best wishes with the auction.

  4. Such wonderful pieces up for auction! They are lovely and I know will do well! Kristin xo

  5. Such beautiful pieces that you shared Claudine! ")