Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Own Blog Button

My friend Amy Bowerman over at Plucking Daisies has been helping me figure out some things with blogs and photos and I have finally created my own blog button!! How cool is that? Thank you so much Amy for all your help!!

This photo comes from the postcard I made a few weeks back while taking Kate Crane's Journal Class online.

If you feel inclined to grab my button there is a link on right the side of my blog at the top of this page.

Just copy the code underneath the photo and if your using Blogger/Blogspot here are the steps to add the button to your blog
1. When you are looking at your Blogger's front page, in the upper right corner click on "Design"... this will bring you to your dashboard
2. From here on the left side of your page there is a "Layout" tab, click on that
3. From here, click on Add a Gadget (highlighted in blue).. A little box will pop open
4. Scroll down to where it says HTML/JavaScript and click on that
5. Paste the URL here that you had copied from my Button
6. Click "SAVE"
7. Boom your done!! 

I would love for you to display my button on your blog so that it's easy for people to find me.

For all those that display my button on your blog I am doing a special drawing. I will be picking TWO lucky winners.

In order to win you will need to 
1. Be a follower yourself of my blog
2. Display my button on your blog

So make sure to let me know you have done these two things and I will enter your name into the drawing. Also, make sure to  check back on Sunday June 1st because I will announce the winners on that day!! 

Here are the two prize packages I will be giving away:

I may even throw in some other items for good measure just because I'm sneaky like that.

Thanks so much for your support 


  1. Well...I finally did it! Even with the CLEAR instructions you gave! LOL!! It's on my blog!:

  2. I'm following and I added your button to my blog:

  3. Love the post card and the button. YAY! You're my first blog button. Thanks for the instructions without which I couldn't have done it! .

  4. Hi there, I am an e mail follower, and put your blog button on my blog, hope it is ok, by the way, I love your work and all your tutorials, thanks very much for them!!!

  5. I forgot to tell you that my blog is

  6. I so enjoy your blog and art. Thanks for sharing

  7. Well done, Claudine, on both the postcard and the blog button! Sweet! I have been a longtime follower of your blog, and, today, added your blog button to my right sidebar!

  8. Amy is the best blog helper ever...I've used and abused her! Love your button and the art behind it! Great images too!

  9. Love your button!. Can't wait to make one for my blog!
    I'm a follower and have your button on my blog!

  10. Added you & you know I am a follower :) Beautiful button!!!

  11. I subscribed and posted your blog link on my blog
    Thank you so much for this challenge. Can't wait to get started