Monday, April 27, 2015

Altered Puzzle Challenge Week 1

Welcome to the blog today, I'm so excited to begin a new challenge. This is a continuation of the Altered Playing Card Challenge that I started back in August of 2014. That challenge ended in March of this year and it was so much fun. My Facebook group and some others asked me to continue on with another challenge. Something different but with the same thought in mind. 
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So today we are going to begin the Altered Puzzle Challenge

There isn't really a challenge per-se' but your challenge to yourself is to begin this project and follow along each week and finish it entirely. I think as crafters we sometimes begin things and never finish them, I know I do this often. So the challenge for you is to simply do that, finish it. 

So for this week, we are prepping our pieces so that we have a nice surface to work on. Most puzzles are slick on the surface and we need to make that something workable.

So the details on my puzzle are that it's a 24 piece puzzle, each piece is roughly 3"x 3" and the overall size of the puzzle is 
15" x 11 1/2"... I found mine at a thrift store for 99cents. You can try checking dollar stores, thrift stores, Rite Aid or Walgreens or Walmart. You puzzle doesn't have to be exactly the same but I will be doing 24 pieces. 

So to begin we need to sand this puzzle a little over the top

I used my Tim Holtz sander for this but a bit of sandpaper will do the trick
You just want to sand a bit, don't sand so much that the ends start to tear

I used a baby wipe to clear off the sanding dust from the surface

You can see the sand marks here

Next, you will coat the surface with TWO coats of gesso. 

I used two coats because I felt one coat was too transparent and I could see too much of the puzzle background through it
This is the difference between one and two coats

I wrote numbers on the back of my pieces, Starting from the upper left-hand corner and moving across one row and then continuing to the second row and so on and so forth.. this way I can easily put my puzzle back together once it's altered

All of the puzzle pieces were layed aside on wax paper to dry for a few days. 

Come back next week to begin altering two pieces a week for a total of 12 weeks.
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 Facebook group, we share photos and ideas and it's a great place to share inspiration
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Thanks for coming by, see you next Monday to begin this adventure


  1. Oh boy this will be fun! I did do the card challenge even though I never posted anything and know I will enjoy this one as much. Thanks so much for the work involved so we can play along.

  2. Hi Claudine, this sounds fun. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your puzzle pieces. Hugz

  3. Sounds like fun! If I can get my hands on a puzzle in time, I'll join in!

  4. Sounds like a fun challenge!I have to join in - now I need to find a puzzle tomorrow.

  5. So exciting and fun! Thanks so much for carrying on with an Altered project! :)

  6. wow Claudine! you are so creative. i'll probably not be able to join for a couple weeks but i'd love to play along and see what journey you take us all on this time! and since I did not complete the altered card challenge (though i still hope to!) maybe 24 pieces is something I can take on. I need to go find a puzzle... xo