Monday, April 6, 2015

Altered Playing Card Challenge - Jokers

Hello all and welcome back to the Altered Playing Card Challenge! 
This is our final week of the challenge and we are finishing up with the jokers. This week isn't required but if you want to do it, I encourage you to go for it.

I am going to wait a few weeks for everyone to get caught up and finish this challenge and then we will start another small challenge.

Here is our Facebook Group link if you ever want to join in

For this week I wanted to do something simple but unique and fun.  I decided to go with using stencils this week but I want you to try and find some stencils with a lot of blank space to them. 

For my first card I first painted the card two different colors
 (sorry about the square photos, somehow my iPhone photo camera was set to "squares" LOL)

I then grabbed a stencil and some ink... using a stencil with a lot of blank space was my goal. I wanted to cover up most of the background but not all of it
So for this card I used an orange color over the top of the paint

I love the outcome once the  stencil is moved

Pretty cool right? haha!

Next I used a stamp and black in to stamp one side

I tore some washi tape for the bottom of my card

I had some leftover small die cut flowers and butterflies so I used those on my card as well, everything was glued down

I then used my white gel pen to doodle a little here and there
I also wrote the word Beauty  and cut it out
Here is my first finished card

For my second card I went with printed card stock and just covered the entire background with a piece

I then took another stencil and some red ink and inked part of the background

I only used part of the stencil this time

I then took a different ink color and a stamp and stamped through the stencil

I masked off part of the stencil prior to stamping, I didn't want to stamping inside the "Love" area

I then took a black marker and doodled some

and lastly I cut out a heart from a sheet of black lined paper, used my white gel pen to outline it and drew a string with a black marker

Here is my finished second card

and here are the two cards together

I hope you have had a fun time with this challenge!! I will be back in a few weeks to start a new challenge.


  1. wonderful techniques to try this week!

  2. What fun. These sre great, especially the first one. Don't think I have gesso'd my jokers!! Don't know why I didn't! ! Still got some cards to finish, and my box!!!!! Ah well, tomorrow is another day..... Hugz

  3. Fun! Can't wait to add these last 2 cards to my collection, albeit I think I already used my jokers earlier. lol