Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bible Journaling - My New Passion

Hello and welcome back to the blog today. I wanted to introduce you to my newest favorite past time. Bible Journaling. 

We recently had Stephanie Ackerman come to our local scrapbook store and I took her Bible Lettering and Journaling class and I fell for it full force. Ever since I had been searching for a Journaling Bible because the margins in my current Bible are just too skinny to journal. 
I took a trip to Mardel where I found a few, in two different sizes and they were on sale! Yay! It's not my favorite translation (ESV) but I like that the margins are nice and big.

Since then I have done several pages and I wanted to share those with you today

Stephanie had stamped these and put them into our kits and I went ahead and colored it and added this to the very cover of my Bible with some wash tape, I have a bracelet that says this and I just love the message here

My pages are deeply personal but I want to share with you my journey 
This page was my very first one in this Bible and was done with one of Stephanies print outs, I simply traced it onto my page and then made it my own, I drew the flowers at the bottom
I have been using Neocolors and a water brush for almost all of my pages
Psalms 46:10

Next I did this page and free handed the lettering. I need some more practice but it's a journey, right?
Hebrew 11:6

Hebrews 11:39-40

Hebrews 11:1

for the next two pages I traced one of my wonderful friends flower and butterflies. She is an amazing artist (Terri Richardson)
Romans 12:2 

Proverbs 3:5

I was highly frustrated the day I did this page and I prayed and asked the Lord for peace on my heart.
John 16:33

This page evolved as I went along, I never knew I could draw an eye haha! 
Ephesians 1:18

For this page I added a stamped sentiment by Stephanie and Unity Stamps and taped it into the page with washi tape
I wrote behind it about my anxiety
Pilippians 4: 4-7

This is also a drawing by my wonderful friend Terri - I did the lettering
Mathew 9:29

This is the verse that is engraved inside my wedding ring, it means a lot to me and my husband
Song of Solomon 8:6

Psalms 18: 1-3

That's it for me today, I'm sure you will see even more Bible journaling from me here on the blog since it's my new passion.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Sunday and a great Labor Day tomorrow


  1. These I really wonderful Claudine . . . love them x

  2. This is a fabulous project, Claudine! Thanks for sharing your personal pages.

  3. love this Claudine, you find the pages a problem because of the thin-ness? Do you put a paper behind so they dont bleed or use certain markers..pencils? jane

  4. I know that if I started this, I wouldn't stop! I LOVE seeing all the different things people do in their Bibles! Gorgeous!