Thursday, December 3, 2015

Steampunk Ornament Swap

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog today. 
I wanted to tell you about a little swap that I did with some friends from Virginia. We have been swapping ornaments off and on for about four years now and since we are all into steampunk and we decided to do a steampunk Christmas ornament swap this year. 
Steampunk is always so fun and creating something in this theme isn't the easiest thing but it sure was fun to do.

This was the ornament I made

I used a old vintage key as my butterfly body and then just added some other elements. I added a vintage looking snowflake to the back of each and a vintage button to one wing
I can't tell you how fun this was to create.

Here are the ornaments that my friends sent to me:

From my friend Chris - the details on this is amazing

and from my friend Deanna - this one is so elegant and beautiful

This was such a fun swap to do and I'm glad I took part. 
Thanks for coming by and enjoy your day. 
Merry Christmas!!


  1. What fantastic swaps and love the whole idea! Yours is wonderful and what great goods you got back!

  2. Stunning ornaments, they really are all so incredible in their detail.