Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Greeting Card Kits

So me and some friends of mine have been getting together monthly and doing some crafting and card making together. It's been a ton of fun. This month we decided that each of us would bring a card "kit" for each member and we would take those kits home and put together our version of a card with each kit. I have to say, this was a super idea and I am having a ton of fun with the kits. Here are two of the card that I came up with so far. I have two more kits to go. 
Sadly, I didn't picture the kits before I made the card, next time I will do that. 

 this is card #1 - the kit included this really pretty metallic paper with adhesive backing, the brad, some cool ledger paper, metal embossing powder, a stamp, a cork and the glass slide. ( I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to implement the cork)

this card kit came with all this really cool vintage paper, the brad, the white flower, the keyhole, some Tim Holtz glassine paper and I think that was it. 
I made the little white flower into a bobby pin for my daughter's hair, this might be her birthday card this year. 

I love the way these both came out, very fun. I am loving this kit idea. :)


  1. What a great idea with the kits! Did you also agree on items that must be in the kit? I just LOVE both your cards.

  2. Cool kit!!! I love how you made it your own! Love the flower and pin!

  3. yes I love the flower pin too , I just had made some flowers for a swap and my daughter want some to put in her hair..... Thank you fopr sharing with us and tel,l me how you make the flowers do you have the die from Tim Holts and if you do , how do you like it?? MaryRedford....