Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Jewelry That I Made

So I wasn't quite finished making jewelry the other day and I made a few more things. I changed my mind on my daughter's necklace and made her another one and some earrings and a bracelet to go with it. She loves those Hunger Games books and has been raving about the movie and she can't wait until it comes out so she can see it. So I made her necklace in a Hunger Games theme. With a Mocking jay (from the books) type bird. I hope she likes it. If she doesn't like the bird, I made it so that she could take it off and wear it as a broach instead. Take a Look

Then, I made a bracelet for a friend of mine for her Birthday. Her birthday was last month and I wasn't able to give her anything "crafty" that I actually made for her and I really wanted to make her something special. 


  1. Look at you...the jewelry making queen!!! All of these are great! I really love the necklace with the flower cabochon...gorgeous Claudine!

  2. Gorgeous pieces, Claudine! Is there any art form that you don't excel at?

  3. Those are just beautiful. Loving your creations! Thanks so much for sharing.