Friday, January 30, 2015

Two Normals - Journal Page

Hello all and TGIF!! It's Friday and it's not snowing yet, it's a good day!
At any rate, I wanted to show you a journal page that I recently created. Some of you may know that my New Years Resolution was to Journal more often and actually complete a journal (maybe) lol
So I decided to work in my journal the other day
Of course I had to use my favorite Stampotique Stamps too. haha!

I have this wonderful artsy friend named Terri Richardson and her and I text each other quite a bit. Not only is she a great artist she is so funny too. For this journal page I used a quote directly from her.. she said this to me during a text one night
"Just a couple of "Normals", In a World Full of Weird"

When I heard her say that I thought it was a perfect sentiment for a journal page with some Stampotique Stamps by Daniel Torrente
Here is the journal page I created.....

The page kind of just came together naturally and it was so much fun to create for no particular reason. Sometimes you just gotta "do"

Obviously I felt this page needed to have some bright bold colors, I used Dina Wakley paints for that background. 

I used Stampotique Stamps:

All By Daniel Torrente and some by Daniel and Jill Penney
Thanks for coming by the blog, I hope you have gotten a nice giggle. Have a Cheery day!!