Monday, February 2, 2015

Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 21

Can you believe this crazy weather? I wish all those people on the east coast well, I hope you all are warm and safe.
This is week 21 for our Altered Playing Card Challenge!!

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I told you last week that we were going to use clear embossing paste this week and so we are.
I really like clear embossing paste and I don't use it enough
For starters I used stencils along with the paste to create some texture in my background, you just smooth it on like embossing paste

You have to set them aside to dry, I let mine dry about 2 hours. I think you can heat set the paste, just be careful 
Once the paste was dry I took my first card and used Dina Wakley paint for my background. I used a sponge and just dabbed it on (note: if your not into bright colors please feel free to use more muted or neutral colors, your cards are yours so please make them the way you like them)

before the paint dried I took a baby wipe and went over the raised areas and wiped the paint off

Again with another color

Paint and then wipe, this is how my card ended up

for my second card I used the DecoArt media paints.. Same technique, dab on and then wipe off
 The DecoArt paint didn't wipe off as well as the Dina paint but I really love how the gesso texture came through as well as some of the stenciled embossing paste

I like the clear embossing paste because it almost looks translucent and when you wipe off the paint it leaves the stenciled pattern.. 

For both of my cards today I am using images from Vera Lane Studios, these ladies are called "Housewives"

After making them the sizes I wanted, I printed them out and then colored them with Copic Markers. I then cut them out

Back to my first card:
Using the DecoArt paints again I dabbed a bit onto my craft sheet and used my pinky finger to make some dots

I then used some torn book pages and added that here and there, I just used glue stick to adhere the pages, I then trimmed the edges
Using my Scarlet Lime journal pen I drew around the edges of my torn pages (I cannot find a link to this pen, I hope it's not discontinued!)

I have all these mini alphabet sets from the Michael's dollar bin, gotta love that dollar bin...
 I decided to go ahead and use one here, I used black ink and stamped the word "BE" onto my circles... I also used my black pen to draw lines around my circle
I then wrote "fruitful" on a piece of the book pages and adhered that to the side

I then adhered my girl, I decided to add another set of circles in the lower lefthand corner and did a little doodle with the black pen LOL... 
Here is my first finished Altered Playing Card

Getting started with card number 2 - I first added a few dots here and there with paint and my finger

I have this zip lock baggie full of used stamps from the US and several different countries and I dug through and found three that I really like, I then used my glue stick to adhere them to my background (I always cut my stamps off the letters I receive for use on other things)

Again, I used my Scarlet Lime black pen to doodle and also drew around my stamps
I also added a tiny bit of yellow paint to my dots at the bottom of my card and tiny bits of orange dots to my upper circles
I added some black tissue tape to a piece of white scratch paper
This is going to be my background for my girl
I adhered my girl to the tape and then cut around her leaving a small portion of the black as an edge

 I then glued my girl onto my background, love the way that black tissue tape makes her stand out

Using some punchinella and a black ink pad, I created some circles here and there

lastly, I added my sentiment (Love Robin Roberts!)
Here is my finished 2nd card

and here are both playing cards side by side

and last but not least the winner of last week's give-a-way is:

I have base coated 37 cards to play along. I ran out of paint. 14 more to go. I'm going to try a valentine theme. I love this idea! I am going to hang them all up as a banner when I finished.

Congrats Paula, please email me at: 
jasminngirl411 at 
with your mailing address for your prize

Thanks all for stopping by, make sure to share your creations with me if your making your own set of cards. I always love seeing what you all have created.


  1. Really love this weeks cards! So pretty.

  2. These are so cool and fun! LOVE the texture and color!

  3. Claudine these are so adorable. Gosh do I love them. Also love and enjoy your tutorials. The "House wifes" are so fun. I do the same as you : collecting used stamps from letters I received. So many different and some of them rather pretty. Love the way you used them here.
    Thank you for sharing your altered cards. Enjoy them so MUCH. Hugs from Monica... Spain

  4. Loving these! Just this morning I was watching a youtube video about clear paste. Now I REALLY have an excuse to go buy some. :D

  5. Now I know for sure what clear paste is. Sadly, what I used was not even close. Love what you do, because you put so much into these cards. I only wish I had something similar to your products that I could use each week. Here's mine. I'm headed back to bed.

  6. Thank You so much! I am thrilled! I am playing along still with the Valentine theme. I have the cards all base coated or used paint chips for the background. I have also put one layer of vintage valentine theme pictures. On some I have stenciled words, hearts and flowers. Some have a third layer of ribbon. Still I have not fully completed one. I am still layering them. It is great fun. I think I am going to try this for Easter also.

  7. I will really be sad to see this challenge end because I have learned so many new to me techniques, and I am so proud of myself for keep up each week! Here are my cards:

  8. Such a great play, I love your colors and details. Love seeing these each week Claudine, thanks so much!~kim

  9. Congrats to Paula. These are really cool. Love the quirky stamps. The background with the postage stamps and the lady with the black background is gorgeous. Hugz

  10. Oh these are fab! I'm working on week 15 as we speak... Hope to get caught up soon!

  11. Oh, I just noticed one of your stamps is Wallace and Gromit. What a hoot. Hugz