Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just Because......

Hey there everyone, I hope that your staying warm in this very frigid weather. It's been warming up here in Colorado the passed few days, I'm glad we got to defrost even if it's only for a few days. I actually got to wash my car today. YAY!

I have been doing a lot of design team projects, class projects and gifts the passed few weeks and I really wanted to get into my room and just "play". Not for any particular reason but "JUST BECAUSE"
Sometimes its so nice to do some crafting just for yourself with no deadlines in mind. 

I have this art journal that I work in every once in awhile and I've done lots of background pages and so I found a page that I thought would be fun to work with.
It's not the prettiest page, it's kind of weird looking but I figured, hey, why not!?

I wanted to use some of my Stampotique stamps so I went with... 

I wish I'd worn panties - Carol's Collection
Cockatoo Screech - Kylie DiOrio
Are My pants too tight? - Daniel Torrent

These stamps are so much fun to color and stamp and figure out where you want them on your page. I had a great time doing this, it was so nice and relaxing.

Here is my finished page:

Next time your feeling a bit bogged down by deadlines, stop and  think... "Do I have panties on today?" HAHA!!!

Thanks again for stopping by!! Have a great day!!


  1. your play time yielded wonderful results! gorgeous page. xo

  2. I love your page Claudine, and I know just what you mean about making something just because you wanted to - next time don't bother cleaning the car, then you can have even longer :-) xx

  3. Giggle..snort. Love that combo of stamps as they work so great together. Love it. Have wanted to get my hands on that saying stamp.

    Thanx for sharing and for the giggles ;)


  4. What a wonderful page. Sometimes I feel like that! Thanks for sharing. You should 'just because/ more often.

  5. I love art. I love humor. But, I really like humor in art! This made me laugh, Claudine! Well played! Mwah!