Monday, October 20, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 8

Hello all and welcome back to week 8 of the Altered Playing Card Challenge, I really hope your all having fun!!

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This week it's all about hearts and love
For my first altered card I added color to my background using gelatos and a water brush
(I had previously made a heart by drawing into my gesso)

I simply colored on my color and used the water brush to blend them together. Gelato's are so smooth and creamy and a water brush is all you need to blend them, I sprayed my card with water and then blended using the brush
You can use anything here if you don't have gelatos, paint, sprays, whatever you'd like

Next I used a Donna Downey Stamp and some ink colors that matched my background and simply stamped here and there

I used my Faber-Castell black oil pastel around my heart to make it pop a little more (I like the oil pastels because i can use my finger to blend them out and make the color and edges a little softer)  I then also colored in my heart with a red gelato

I then took a Faber Castell black fine tip pen and wrote my sentiment, you can use whatever black pen you want to I just like these because they write on anything and it comes in a finer tip 

Lastly I edged with the archival ink and added the "love" word

Here is my first finished card - I love that the texture from the gesso is still visible even with the gelato colors and such

For my next card, I went with a really simple but effective background. I used some watercolor paints, I love watercolors but I don't really use them as much as I should
I started with three colors and just put them in these little cups and added some water

 With a paintbrush I brushed the paint across the top of my card, I then added a bit more water and let the paint "drip" down the card face
(again, I had drawn my heart previously)

I added a second color and did the same thing

I added one last color and again the same

Once my card face was dry I used a circle punch to make a black circle and used a Sizzix Bigz die to create my heart out of cardboard
I then used a green Sharpie marker to color my heart green
I also edged my heart with black marker

I wrote the word "LOVE" onto the heart and drew around the mini heart with my white gel pen
This is where I was thinking that I really just like the simplicity of this card and didn't want to do much else with it

I ended up drawing some stitches around the rim of my card and edged with the black archival ink and I thought it looked done!
Here is my second finished card

and the two together

Thanks for coming by once again, I always love to see what you all do during the week so keep the photos and links coming.

I am having surgery on my foot on Wednesday so I might not be able to do my post next week. I am really going to try and get my cards done and posted but If I miss next weeks post I will definitely get back to posting on November 3rd
Thanks for following along everyone!!


  1. Gosh, I want your handwriting! ! Love the colours, especially on the second one. I have been wanting to play with watercolours and here you are with a fun technique. Hope the surgery goes well. Extra big HUGZ and positive thoughts.

  2. Oh wow, these are fabulous! (I feel like a broken record saying this each week, but it's true!) I don't have gelatos or watercolours, so will have a think about what I'd like to use instead.
    Don't worry about having to take a week out! Your health comes first, and we all understand. Take care of you.

  3. LOVE your artsy cards! LOVE the drips, the color, the heart!!!

  4. These are lovely, and I am thrilled because I have both gellatos and oil pastels! But the real reason I am stopping by early is to wish you good luck and speedy healing with your foot surgery. I'll come back to post my link later in the week.

  5. Great cards, love the colours on the second one! xx

  6. I'll be back tomorrow with my post, Claudine, but wanted you to know I got the package. Didn't want you going to the hospital wondering what happened. Thank you beyond belief. There were so many goodies, I was truly impressed. AND, my very first white pen!!

  7. Gosh, I think I forgot to tell you I hope the surgery goes well. Sorry I'm apparently a bit distracted at the moment by all the goodies you sent. We'll be happy to wait till you feel better. I'm sure you will need the rest after major surgery, too.

  8. Claudine I feel like Sammy who commented above : like a broken record. But how else to sound ?? Your cute pretty funny creative altered cards ARE AWESOME !!! Does'nt make a difference how many times we need to say it ... Lol. You are a very creative artist. I do admire your work so much.
    Also let me wish you all the best around your surgery. Hope it will go smooth and be solving the problem it is supposed to solve.
    Take care and remember to calm down after coming home from Surgery !!!!!
    Sending hugs from Monica.... Spain

  9. Great cards, Claudine and i am back from vacation starting to do all my cards that I have missed.
    Wisshing you all the best on the surgery and a speedy recovery. Hugs.

  10. Here is my post of week 8's APCs and the package I received:

    Thanks again for the wonderful goodies and my first ever white pen.

  11. Here is my link:

    I hope the surgery went well & your foot is healed nicely!

  12. Here is my link from my blog for week 5 -8 all caught up and enjoying this challenge immensely..
    Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery..
    Sandy :)

  13. Love your cards and colors on this pair sooo much Claudine! The paint drips are awesome, so hard to not just leave the card at that, so pretty!

    I finished my pair and posted in the group and my blog if you would like to see :)

    Thanks so much, hope you are feeling and healing well!

  14. Caught up to this one--

  15. Hi Claudine, playing catch up. The spirit is willing but the body is weak. Still with you and hope to get the rest posted soon. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugz