Friday, March 8, 2013

Art Journal Prompt

Wow, I have been in my craft room most of the day today. Unable to focus and having a million ideas in my head that I want to try out. I have so many things that I need to get done and so many techniques I want to try. 
For the project today I am hosting an "Art Journal Prompt" swap over on my yahoo group AllThingsTim and I created my card today. Now I only need to make 10 more haha!!! 
For my prompt I wanted to do "Use Your Own Handwriting" I always try and use my handwriting in my journal because I just love to see everyone's handwriting. Everyone has their own unique and cool handwriting, it's almost like fingerprints, no two are the same. I think in our day and age of computers, cell phones, texting, tweeting and Facebook, so many of us forget to just sit down and write something with our handwriting. I can recall my gandmother's "to do" lists and my mom's grocery lists and letters that they would write each other. I also used to collect my notes from friends when I was a teenager too, I had a special box just for passed notes. I just love handwriting and I think we all should do more of it. 
I didn't really do much of a tutorial for this one but I can tell you what I used and explain the steps.

I used mostly Dyan Reaveley sprays for this prompt. Also a combo of Dina Wakley and Dyan's stencils. I also used one of Tim Holtz Stamps (the numbers) and also a few distress inks. I just layered it all up until I decided it was all good looking, it was funny because the green under the leaf was a big blob mistake and I just went with it. Haha!!  I wrote the words with a perminant black marker and used my white gel pen to go over them. I also did a little sewing up in the upper righthand corner. 

 This is the back of my card with the swap info and my info. I lightly decorated the back as well to match the front. 
Before I go I want to show you
how my craft room looks today. It's an entire mess and I don't think it's ever been this messy before. Oh my, I need to do some cleaning. Before I started crafting daily I would have never stood for this mess haha! 
The lighting in my craft room is horrid!
One more picture too before I go... my daughter did her own nails yesterday and I just had to show you how creative she is. I don't think her friends believe that she did them on her own.

Her left hand had to be different because the nails on that hand aren't as long due to her violin playing but she just went with it!! A girl after her mother's heart.

Thanks again for stopping by. 


  1. Great card Claudine. Sometimes a blob is all you need! And the nails look great, too.

  2. your cards are awesome and your nails rock! yuou are having fun.
    susan s

  3. Thanks for showing your messy desk. The work of a true artist!! The page prompts are such a great idea and I appreciate your sharing the pictures. See you at the swap!
    ~Susan Mc

  4. Cool nails!!! Cool card too! Love the stitching and colors and artsy look...just fab!

  5. great journaling page (card)! I don't like my handwriting but I treasure all the handwriting I've collected from relatives. Would someone treasure mine someday? Please tell your dd that her nails are awesome! Thanks for leaving a lovely comment for me today at UPA!

  6. Oh my Gosh....With my handwriting I should have been a Dr. LOL. I can barely read it myself sometimes Much less anyone else.
    That being said your art is so cool, Great use of color and just sings spring!!!
    Hugs Lynn

  7. I do so enjoy all the things you do. You give me so much inspiration thank you. Patty