Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Joy To The World" Christmas Postcard

Hello there everyone, today I have a postcard for you. This one was a little different for me because I didn't use any stamps, inks or stencils. You know how I love those and use them in almost everything I do. I did use a tiny bit of paint I couldn't resist. haha! 
Well for this particular postcard I decided to use some of my fantastic Memory Box dies. They are so intricate and they have so many to choose from. 

For starters I got out my dies and picked out a few I wanted to use.

I had cut the mini row of houses onto my red paper, making sure that there was overlap so that it wasn't cut completely out. 
My card looks crooked here but it's perfectly straight I promise. haha! It's because it's sitting on this grid pad.

I then cut a piece of white card stock to use as a template so that I could cut a window into my card. 
(there might be an easier way to do this but this was the quickest and simplest way for me)

I then used my Xacto knife to cut around the white piece of card stock and ending at the edges of the row of houses.

The ending result should look like this..

Once that is done cut another 4x6 piece of white card stock for your background and lay out your other items to see who you want your postcard to look.

I decided I wanted something in this background to sort of look like snow flurries so I used two colors of Tim Holtz distress paints. I just used my paintbrush to dip into the paint and splattered it across my paper here and there.

Once that was all good and dry...
I then glued my piece of red card stock on top of that and edged   it all with Archival black ink.

I then used glossy accents to glue everything onto my postcard and whalla!! Here is the end result....

I ended up making three of these, two to send and one to keep.

Thanks for stopping by today, it snowed here in Colorado so I will most likely being staying home and crafting again today. YAY!!!
Have a good one!!

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