Friday, May 29, 2015

A Calendar Cover

Welcome to the blog, today I wanted to show you a calendar cover page that I sort of created. What I mean is, my friend Terri made this wonderful calendar for me and she decorated the cover a bit but she left it for me to add to. 
So finally yesterday I worked on it

This is what the calendar looks like

This is the back cover - Terri decorated it for me

She decorate and drew on the month's beginning for each month, it's just beautiful

She is so talented and I just cherish this calendar

This is one of the inside pages, she drew little things for each holiday throughout the year, I love it!! Excuse my appointments haha

I sadly did not take a photo of the cover before I added to it but that's ok. 
Terri did the background and what's funny is, she had sent me some drawings of flowers and her artwork that were blank (without color) and I colored these flowers and butterfly and cut them out. I then wanted the flowers to stand out so I added some black acrylic paint to the background behind the flowers. I printed the sentiment off and added it, I then sealed the entire cover with a glossy sealer.
To be honest, Terri did most of this and I just colored her drawings haha! It's perfect and I love it

Thanks once again for coming by the blog. Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. I'm so happy that you use and enjoy it! The cover looks great!

  2. Claudine/ Terri, you 2 are great artist and so are you with the both of you I would love to have a book like that but I would never use it you both are great Ladies proud of your selfs.

  3. Such a beautiful and useful gift! So nice to be loved.

  4. Oh what a gorgeous project you created together with Terri. Not surprising : TWO talented artists working together ! Cant be nothing but fabulous. Love the redult !!!
    Thank you so much for sharing !!!!
    Hugs from Monica... Spain