Thursday, May 14, 2015

Altered Puzzle Week 3

So sorry for the delay in this week's Altered Puzzle Challenge. I became a Grandma last week and was back and forth to the hospital all week visiting my daughter in law, my daughter and my new grandchild.
Meet my new grandbaby Sagen Lanay

My daughter, grandbaby and me :)

I also picked up a few extra hours at work this week, so it has been a busy, busy couple of weeks, sorry for the delay.

We are onto week 3 of the Altered Puzzle Challenge 

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Our Facebook group is here:

this week I want to use some images that my artsy friend drew and sent to me. She is amazing!! 

For my first background I used some of Tim Holtz tissue paper and applied it to my background, directly over the gesso
I just used glue stick for this

Next I am using Dina Wakley's paint (you can use any paint) and I applied the lighter color over the entire puzzle piece

Next I used a stencil, the darker color of paint and some distress glitter... (make sure your first background color is completely dry before moving on to this step)

What I did is used a sponge and grabbed up some of the paint and using the sponge, dabbed the paint through the stencil onto my background...
Next I removed the stencil and added some of the distress glitter in the same color as my paint 
I love how it came out, there is a little sparkle on my background here

Let this completely dry

While my background was drying I printed out my phrase (a Bible Verse)
and colored the image I wanted to use with some copic markers
I cut out my image and went back to my background

I edged my piece with archival ink in a darker shade of blue and then I sealed it with Alene's collage pauge (they sell this at JoAnn's) you can use whatever you like to seal your piece but Alene's is what I like. 
I sealed it at this point because I want my glitter to stay onto that background and this way it will

Next I added my phrase and image
Here is my first piece:
Again: my friend Terri Richardson drew my little man in the moon.

For my next piece I started by using DecoArt acrylic paint to color my background white
(setting it aside to completely dry)

While that was drying I colored my image with copics again
and then cutting out

Once the background was dry I used black archival ink to edge it

In order to get into those half circles, I took my foam off of my distress tool and folded it, like so:

and lastly I added my flower and my phrase
My phrases this week were printed with my home printer

(again: Terri Richardson drew my flower)

Here are my pieces together

I just love the white background on the second piece, that was a good choice and I don't normally like plain white backgrounds but for this I did.

Here are the pieces from week 2 and week 3

Have fun this week! Can't wait to see what you create!


  1. Congrats on the birth of your grandson! I'm enjoying the puzzle and will do the challenge at a later date!

  2. I love these Claudine and mega Congratulations :) xx

  3. Claudine congrats on the new grandson. Is'nt that an AMAZING title ....becoming a granma ??? Is it the first grandchild ??? He is looking so adorable.
    And oh your altered puzzles as well. They are awesome !!! You are sooooo very creative. Love your art !!!
    Hugs from Monica... Spain

  4. These are great Claudine. You're so talented.

  5. Mega huge congrats!!!! I can't wait...someday! Cute puzzle pieces too!

  6. Congratulations on your beautiful grandchild! I just love the smiles on you and your daughter's face! Following the altered puzzle and absolutely love what you do with a few supplies and a ton of creativeness!

  7. The pieces are sweet but Sagen steals the show! Congratulations!!!

  8. I'm enjoying this, although with the 3rd piece, after painting over the newsprint it doesn't shine through on my piece. of course I don't have the same type of paints but maybe that's the problem, however, I stamped a written text and that seems okay. Piece #4, I seem to have a piece that doesn't have much room to draw a flower on, will have to think about that one.

  9. enjoy this time with a newborn !
    nice pieces of puzzle again !