Monday, September 29, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 5

Hello and welcome back to another week of our Altered Playing Card Challenge

Can you believe we are already on week 5!!?? Wow! Time sure is flying by, it seems like we just began and now we are already on Month 2. 

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For this week I wanted to go beyond some of the bright colors and just use my acrylic paints and other techniques to create more of a muted background
For the first card, I chose three different colors of acrylic paints
Two shades of green and one shade of a peach color

I used the peach to color my entire background and let it dry thoroughly

I then used a stencil (by Memory Box) and taped it down over my card

I used some sponges and applied my two shades of green, using the lighter color first and overlapping with the darker color. This give my circles a lighted effect, you can almost see the background peach through the light green

This is how my background turned out, I love it!! 

I then took a sharpie marker and drew some lines on one side of my background

I then took my white gel pen and doodled some circles in the upper and lower corners, I went in later and added more

I then added a few dots of black acrylic paint, I just used the tip of my finger to add these dots, I like that the circles aren't completely symmetrical 

Lastly, I added some black acrylic paint lines here and there and also a piece of butterfly wash tape

For my focal point I used a Tim Holtz stamp called Winged Things 2, I don't have this entire stamp set just the boy
I stamped him and then embossed him with clear embossing powder. I then colored him with a combo of distress markers and copic markers and then cut him out

For my sentiment or "word" I used another Tim Holtz stamp and stamped onto scratch paper and then cut out the word "Imagination from the phrase

Here is my first finished Altered Playing Card

For my second card this week I wanted to do a collaged background so I grabbed a bunch of misc.. pattered paper

I chose the paper that I wanted for my background and tore some and cut some and started glueing it down 
This is what my finished background looked like

I then used some brown archival ink to go around the edges and background in order to blend the color a bit more. I also stamped a few number stamps onto my background with the same ink

For my "word" I used a stamp that said "dream" and stamped onto another piece of leftover torn paper, I used black archival ink for the word, I then went around the edges of that with the brown ink

For my focal point on this card I wanted to use another image of a child, so I found this card in my stash it's in the Found Relatives deck by Tim Holtz
You can also find an image from a magazine, book or use any old photo

I cut out one of the girls and used distress paint to color her dress, I simply watered down the paint and brushed it on and then wiped it off with a paper towel. Just so that there was only a bit of color. This way the color doesn't overwhelm the photo

This is what it looks like before you wipe it with the paper towel
If you don't have distress paint
I'm sure you can also use watered down acrylic paint too 

Lastly I used some die cut butterflies and colored them with coordinating archival inks and then stamped them with a word stamp

Once that was all done I simply glued everything to my background
I love how the girl looks on that collaged background and then the word "Dream" right up front there

Here are my two finished cards together

I hope that you have enjoyed today's cards. Have fun this week making your own, I always love to see what you all come up with.

I will have to update later with supplies for next week. 
** I apologize, I didn't get a chance to update with supplies last week. My Dad has been in the hospital and I just ran out of time.

We will also have another drawing this week, One person will win this prize pack

All you have to do to win:

1. Simply Leave a comment on this post
2. Be a follower of the blog
3. Be playing along and making your own Cards with the Altered Playing Card Challenge 

Good luck and have a wonderful week!!!


  1. Oh wow wow wow!!! LOVE these! Just got home from a trip to get some more cardstock (and 3 more distress ink pads... Don't tell hubby!), and will get cracking as soon as I've unpacked!

  2. Love the muted backgrounds...because they really aren't in the end!

  3. Beautiful cards. I so need to get caught up on mine though.

    Hope you Dad is better and gets well soon.

  4. Adore this week's set of cards. Can't wait to get mine made! Thanks so much Claudine for this challenge! I'm dragging out products that I own but never use. And it's easy to try all the techniques without being overwhelmed since the cards are a small surface to work with. Helene

  5. This weeks cards are really nice and its wonderful that we have a possible prize also!!! I have made all the weeks cards but don't post them. I am a follower and SO GLAD I am since this is really so much fun to do. A little time each week for me! Thanks and I hope your father is well soon.

  6. Love, love, love each and every challenge we've accomplished and this week is no exception. Can't wait for my husband and I to see what we will come up with. Thanks for all the work you take time to do so we can learn new techniques and all done with wonderful tutorials. We are very appreciative. Hope your dad is doing better with each passing hour.

  7. Love the vintage theme this week, Claudine! Sweet giveaway, too!

  8. Mahalo for another Monday much inspiration, instruction and FUN!! This is the first challenge I've done...first time posting my stuff...I love seeing my art in with all the gorgeous cards from everyone else! Sending much aloha to you and your father..

  9. Having a great time. Great cards from everyone.

  10. Wonderful motivation this week. Great backgrounds!

  11. LOVE these! These are probably my favorite so far. I can't wait to get to mine!
    Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win a SWEET prize!

  12. Love them both such inspiration each week! Backgrounds are great & can't wait to do my take on collage ! Sweet prize pack it would be great to win so thanks for the chance.

  13. I look forward to Tuesday mornings to see the latest tutorial, and am never disappointed. Love the range of techniques and seeing everyone's art. Thanks Claudine!

  14. I love this challenge. Great techniques, great fun! Love the giveaway as well!

  15. Really like the cards this week.
    Glad your Dad is doing better too.

  16. you have outdone yourself this week Claudine! wow! i am so inspired! xo

  17. Love the cards this week. You do such wonderful backgrounds. I'm learning some great techniques. Thanks, these are such fun.

  18. I love both of these cards. I have to say though the one with the girl is my favorite. You are the queen of collage backgrounds.

    I think it has been a long time since I've done a collage background. Like maybe the last time was in school many decades ago. LOL! Thanks for coming up with the challenge and always having new techniques or getting acquainted again with old ones that have not been used for awhile. Thanks for a chance to win such a sweet prize.

  19. Hope your Dad is doing better!!! The cards are great and I really look forward to doing mine and last weeks too... Got behind when I ended up on the couch for the week recouping from some unexpected dental surgery....Sucks to get old sometimes :)

  20. Awesome cards this week... already working on mine... I am loving your challenges! Thanks for your time and thanks for the prize pack!

  21. Thanks for showing us such great ways to use our stash and, more importantly for bringing us all together. Loving the techniques and the community. Can't believe you're managing to do this with all that you have going on at home Claudine. Inspirational!

  22. Love your cards and everyone's posting on fb. I gotta find some time to get in on this fun!

  23. Another fabulous tutorial for this weeks APC challenge.

    Your finished cards are fabulous and you're forcing me to stretch. I love that, so thank you for the inspiration and nudge!

  24. Thank you so much for another set of awesome cards! Your tutorials and photos are really good. I like that I am often forced to think outside the box so that I can make my cards similarly but not exactly the same!

  25. I was saddened to read about your father. I hope he is feeling better now.

    Thank you for these inspiring playing cards. Although I have none of the supplies or tools you mention in the tutorial, I was able to find a way around that obstacle.

    Thank you for allowing those of us who don't belong to Facebook to post our links here. This is mine for this week:

  26. A new favorite for me Claudine! PINNED!!! Love these atc's!!!

  27. I am all caught up yay now tomorrow my plan is to do these 2 cards.. I have an idea of what stamps I am going to use.. Love the vintage look to these 2..

  28. Hi Claudine, I have just posted my week 3 and 4 as a single post. I won't add the link again here. It's on your week 3 and week 4 post if anyone is interested. Trying to catch up with an overwhelming number of things after being off line since Friday night due to a lightning strike. Love this weeks cards. Hope to be linking mine soon. Also want to catch up with what everyone else is doing. Hugz

  29. Hope your Father is feeling much better Claudine, it is always a worry when out loved ones are not feeling well, take care.

    Thank you for another wonderful challenge, here is the link to my Week 5 Blog Post :-) xxx

  30. Thanks so much again for such a fun challenge. It is so inspiring to see what you create each week and what everyone creates, too! Wonderful all around Claudine! I have my week 5 card 1 ready. I did a post at my blog. Have a great day! ~kim

  31. Another great week- loving your ATC samples! I am having so much fun- cannot wait to see what next week holds! Thanks for starting this fun challenge!

  32. I am so glad that I joined this fun, sharing group! I am having so much fun! Not having to think about what to make is awesome. Love your cards, and what I am learning, thank you!

  33. Quick note, I did my week 5 card to and it is blogged too! Happy Sunday!~kim

  34. Week 5 is finished and upon my blog- sharing on FB!!!

  35. Loving the vintage image and rusted colors of your dream card Claudine and your second card is lovely too. I am going to be in catch up mode this week following our return from our overseas trip. I have just completed week 3 so have a few more to go. Thanks for inspiring us with your wonderful examples.

  36. But gosh, this was fun. Love that circle bg. Might have to do that on some more projects real soon. Here's my week 5 cards

    Thanks for the inspiration Claudine HUGZ