Monday, January 19, 2015

The Altered Playing Card Challenge - Week 19

Welcome back to the Altered Playing Card Challenge, we are on week 19 already and we are well over half way through this challenge. What are we going to do when this is all over?

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I wanted to go with a Steampunk/Time theme this week. If you know me, you now I really love steampunk, although I love it, I don't do it enough. So this week is all about Steampunk!

For my first background, I used the playing card that I had prepped with the Dry Wall tape adhered (someone sent the tape to me but I hear you can find it in Home Depot and it's pretty cheap)
I am also using Tim's Holtz distress paints in colors Antiqued Bronze and Brushed Pewter

I put some paint onto my craft mat and spritzed with a bit of water, I then ran my card through the paint
You can't see the silver too well here, but the paint has a slight shimmer to it
I set that background aside to dry

I found this really cool, sticky backed,  glittery paper from JoAnns

It comes in these really long sheets for 1.29 a sheet (it was on sale), I bought a piece of the black and silver. I like the fact that it's paper so it won't be too heavy for my playing cards
I then used Tim Holtz's Gear die and cut out some gears with the paper

I used a leftover piece of the black shimmer sheet to adhere to my entire 2nd altered playing card
(this is a photo of the back of my card)
I added a bit of glue to the back of my paper sheet in order to make sure it adhered well to my card

I then cut around the excess, this is what my 2nd cards' background looks like

While my first card was still drying I worked on the 2nd one 

Since my background was black I used a stencil, versa mark and embossing glitter powder to create some texture and interest to the background

One thing to note here, if you use the embossing glitter over your glitter paper, be very careful when your heat setting your powder. The glitter paper tends to bubble if it gets too hot. I ended up burning my black glitter paper just a bit
you can see it in the photo below, I liked that the powder was glittery too

I also wanted to emboss one of my gears for this background, I used two different colors of embossing powders so that my gear would be more grungy looking

I used one large silver gear and the embossed gear for my background here, trimming off the excess

I stamped my sentiment onto white paper and trimmed
Here is how my 2nd Altered Playing Card came out
Now that I see it, If I had it to do over again I might have used a lighter color embossing powder for my stenciled background. O-well!

Back to the first playing card......
Now that the background is dry I can add on top of it

While at JoAnns I found this washi tape in the clearance section, it was all black (which I loved) I'm going to use it to create my own washi tape

I tore a piece of the washi tape and stuck it to my craft mat. I also grabbed a gear stamp (Tim Holtz) and some of the silver metallic distress paint

Just dab your paint lightly onto your stamp and stamp it onto your washi tape

I just love how the washi tape came out

Once your done stamping, make sure to clean your stamp really well or your paint will ruin it
After the washi tape dried I tore a few pieces to add to my background

I then added some gears that I had previously cut out of the glitter paper

I used the same stencil as I did on card #2 for this card and block off the portion that I didn't want

I used Archival ink to ink my stencil

I decided I wanted another gear so I added another one

I stamped my sentiment onto white paper, cut it out and adhered it

Lastly I used this copper pen around my edges

Here is my finished card

and here are my two cards together

I hope you have fun this week with this theme. I had a great time making these two. 


  1. Super! And I just happen to have some glittery paper I didn't know how I was going to use because it's not something I would normally have on hand. Thank you! But mine won't be black!

  2. great cards. I made several of the cards with that drywall mesh so I'm thrilled to see one surface. And I have tons of glitter paper!

  3. What shall we do when we are finished? Start again!! Loving this challenge so much. I bought drywall tape in the pound shop. Cheep cheep. It works well as a stamp as well if you stick it to an acylic block. Where are you guys getting glitter paper?? I would kill to find a supplier. All I find is card and it's too heavy for this. May have to improvise. What's new!! Love these card's. I am hopeless with steampunk but I think I can manage this LOL Hugz

  4. Love these industrial grungy cards! Fab techniques to create them too!

  5. Your cards are fantastic this week. You really threw me for a loop, because I wasn't even sure where to start. I so loved those gears you created. They were the BEST. And of course, I must find drywall tape, because it caused so much texture on your card.

    Mine this week is weak:

  6. Fun theme this week Claudine! Here are my cards:

  7. Loved the theme this week Claudine had fun making the APC's, here is my link :-)

  8. Love the Steampunk "feel" with the gears/cogs - working on mine now!

  9. Love this theme! I think I kept the spirit of it, not the exact CASE. Love your beautiful art all your posts!

  10. Hello, here at last. Hugz