Monday, November 10, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 10

Hello everyone and welcome back to WEEK 10! of the Altered Playing Card Challenge

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Update on foot - A lot of you have been asking how I'm doing with my foot, I appreciate your thoughts, concerns and prayers. My foot is doing better, at my last appointment the doc took some X-rays and also took my bandaged off and he said it was healing up nicely. I'm off my crutches now and just walking in the boot. I have to wear the boot 24/7 still but I am so glad to be off those crutches. My next appointment is on the 17th to take out my stitches. Yay! 

Ok now back to the altered playing card challenge ....

This week's theme was supposed to be image transfers, I have done a few image transfers but not many over my crafty lifetime. They are not easy to accomplish well and I proved that this week haha!

I started with two APCs and two different types of paint
I also cut out some photos from magazines that I have

On this first APC I used Tim Holtz paint for my background, I wasn't sure if this would work but took the chance anyway
I applied paint to my craft matt and then spritzed with water
ran my APC through the paint and immediately put my photo face down in the paint. I pressed the photo down really well and then brayered over it

For the second card I went about the same process only this time I used Claudine Hellmuth paint and painted it directly onto my APC and then added my photo

Once that was completely dry (I let it set for 12 hours or so but most likely would only take an hour to dry) 
Spritz your card with water and start rubbing off the excess paper, careful not to rub off your image itself

My two cards didn't come out so great, the Tim Holtz paint worked better than the Claudine Hellmuth but both were unsatisfactory to me

This is my "make it work" moment, I decided to go in a completely different direction, Dyan Reaveley  has always been one of my favorite artists and so I decided to go with her style and really think outside the box on this one
I decided to change the theme at this point.....

So the theme for this week is "Outside the Box" Quirky and whimsical. 

I used the face on the first card that I had transferred and I drew around her chin and outlined her nose to make her stand out a bit more.
I also looked through my magazines again and found some eyes that would work great for her

I also used various Dylusions stamps to create the lips and legs
I had to draw my own little hat because Dyan's were to big to fit on the card and I also
highlighted the hair with Copics and drew it longer

I used a portion of Dyan's "Be Bold" stamps to create my words for my card

This was the stamp set I used for the legs, I had to cut them shorter to fit on my card but they worked out great

I also doodled on one side of my card with a black pen and my white gelli pen, Here is my finished card

I know this style isn't for everyone but I hope you will get a kick out of trying it out this week

For my next card, I wasn't happy with the image transfer at all so I just simply covered it up completely.
I used Dyan's stamp set and one of her heads and eyes, I then colored both with my copics

I used an edge stamp (also Dyan's) to create my edging and my white gelli pen to color in some portions

I used another one of Dyan's stamp sets to create a "stem" body for my doll, I was thinking quirky here. I also colored that with copic markers

I used another of Dyan's stamp sets for my sentiment, here is my finished 2nd APC, I really love how it came out

Here is a photo of my two finished cards for this week

So for this week, think "outside the box" and quirky and fun! 
 Here is a photo of the cards we have created so far

It's really cool to seem them all laid out like this. 

I am also going to have a give-a-way this week.. One person will win the following:

In order to win you must be following along with the Altered Playing Card Challenge and creating your own. 

Just leave a comment to be entered to win and I will randomly draw a winner. I will announce the winner in next week's post.



  1. I'd completely forgotten it was Monday... What a great surprise! lol.
    I love these cars! I've not tried this style before, though I've always liked the oddness of it. To be honest, I never knew where to start before. So I'm looking forward to giving it a go. I shall have to see if I can scrounge an old magazine off someone though (I don't get any), but I'm sure that's easily done.
    So glad you're healing well. And Yay! for the stitches coming out soon.

  2. Would love to win! I am following each week and try to have it done on Monday so I don't get behind. Too hard to catch up for me. I don't post but enjoy seeing what other make. Thanks so much for doing this challenge as it is short, sweet, and gets me doing things I don't normally do. Can't wait to try the image transfers.

  3. I have never tried this big head, crazy eye thing (that is what I call it). I am a little excited to do so, I am going to have to start looking around for some stuff to use! Thank you for all of your wonderful inspiration Claudine and everyone else participating in this APC challenge.

  4. I don't have any quirky type stamps and don't subscribe to any magazines so this definitely will be a challenge. But we'll see what crops up after some play time later today. Thanks for an arty kick in the pants Monday!

  5. These are great. Quirky and fun. Never tried image transfer but will be giving it a go. Back from my holidays Thursday so hope to catch up with my APC's at the weekend. I did hope to craft a little and catch up on comments but the holiday has been full of stress and chaos. Unbelievable all the things that have been happening. Will be glad to get home for a rest LOL. Glad your foot is healing Claudine. Hugz

  6. Quirky and crazy what fun! As per usual I don't have any stamps of this type but I can't wait to play with this one! It would be great to win I am really wanting to give Dylusions a try so this would be perfect.

  7. Just suddenly got a crazy idea for this one :) Have to finish up last weeks first... I have managed to fall behind once again :0) That's the way I roll LOL!!!! Thanks for the chance to win ♥

  8. I'll have to get some magazine images. I don't have any of those stamps but I love what you did with yours.

  9. Shoot, don't know if this is going to publish twice. Really enjoy all your challenges. My husband and I are having such a good time seeing what each other creates each week. Thanks for giving of yourself and helping those of us that need direction and structure to stay on task and come up with wonderful little art pieces. I would love to win this weeks prizes, both are very neat. Glad you are healing and feeling better.

  10. These sure look interesting to make! Each week has been an enjoyable experience for my husband and me. Thanks for all you do for us. Glad you are off the crutches!

  11. I am pleased I am not the only one who has problems with image transfers Claudine,.......but as the saying goes a mistake is always a new opportunity or something to that effect and I think your end results for both these cards is fabulous! TFS another fun idea with us all!

  12. Oh Claudine.. Still giggling !!!!! LOL...
    Oh gosh I love your art. But this weeks altered carts are just so fun? Especially the woman head with legs instead of a throat. So creative thinking. Fabulous art work. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog !!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing and give us more inspiration.
    Hugs from Monica... Spain

  13. OMGosh...these are so FUN and whimsical!!! LOVE how you mixed it all up! Awesome!!!

  14. Wow this one looks like so much CRAZY fun! We've had guests lately so surfing snorkeling etc have put me behind...but this challenge has inspired me to spend the whole day creating/catching up...starting with this one LOL🎨🃏✒️ Mahalo & aloha 🌺🌴🌺🌴

  15. I've never had luck with image transfers either..but they turned out great..i love the whimsical look...just wish I could pull it off now..

  16. Your cards came out STUNNING. They are both fun and whimsical. You "reworked them well.

    I got all excited when I saw transfers were going to be offered. I hope you don't kick me out, because I love transfers. I wanted to tell you, I've NEVER had luck with paint, even though I tried to follow Claudine Hellmuth's transfer instructions to the letter.

    I hope you enjoy:

  17. Love this weeks "outside the box". I am a couple weeks behind now but still really enjoying each and every weeks projects and the wide array of talent. Love how your's turned out!!!

  18. Glad you're mending well. Here are my two for this week's theme: Helene

  19. I love these ones they are just terrific. I am doing lots of collage at the moment so these will be fabulous fun..
    Thanks for the chance to win some fabulous prizes..
    Sandy :)

  20. This play was so fun! I love your pair and how you made it work! They are awesome! Love the colors and doodling!
    I made my pair here:
    Also posted on Facebook.
    Have a great evening!~kim

  21. I'm late because I had so much trouble with my transfers, too! I was not able to make mine come out as awesome as yours did, but here they are anyway:

  22. Hi Claudine, sorry, chickened out on the transfers but went with quirky. These were fun. Hugz.