Monday, November 24, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 12

Welcome back everyone, I cannot believe that it's almost Thanksgiving already. Time is flying by!!
The Altered Playing Card Challenge is into week 12 and we are all doing so great. I love seeing all the cards that everyone makes and I'm thrilled that so many are playing along

If you have missed any of the previous week's here are the pertinent links

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This week is going to be a simple week due to Thanksgiving and then next week will be a by-week.
 We will not have a challenge next week but will continue again on December 8th

For my cards this week I did both cards with some reflection, this one may be tough for some people but I am asking you to simply write on your Altered Playing Cards

I went through my stash of paper and picked out two pieces that I really liked

I glued my altered playing cards onto each piece of card stock and then cut them out, the pretty side of each paper is the front

I then took my  Scarlet Lime journal pen and doodled an edge on each card. This can be anything, yours does not have to look like mine, do what you love here

I used my Tim Holtz Typeset die and black cardstock to cut out two letters "I" and "W" 

Those were glued onto each altered playing card

I also cut out butterflies from another piece of cardstock, these were glued to the bottom of each card (again, use what you want here, butterflies just so happen to be my favorite) 

I then drew lines that I could write on... Here are my finished card for this week.

I really challenge each of you to make these cards and fill them out fully. I know "what I am thankful for" is much easier than "what I like about myself" but be honest about this, I think everyone has special abilities and talents. 

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!! May you be blessed with family and friendship on this special day!!! 
See you all next week!


  1. Writing about one's self isn't easy maybe this will be more of a challenge than creating art! I have so much to be thankful for so this card may need to be much larger!

  2. Oh these are fabulous! I may change the topic of one of them, but the idea is fantastic. Thank you Claudine.

  3. SO COOL!!! Love that these are journal entries cards...never seen that before! So cool!

  4. Thank you for all you do, Claudine. Your art always makes me happy, and these two cards may just be what we need for this week of thanks and Thanksgiving.

    My cards this week:

    I wish you a wonderful, joyous, safe, and heartfelt Thanksgiving. See you in two weeks.

  5. Hope you like mine this week--a little different than the examples.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks again for all the hard work in putting this challenge together!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Claudine, hope you have a wonderful day with your Family sending love, light and peace to you all.

    I am thankful that you have put together this wonderful challenge and am grateful that you share so much of your talent with us here on your blog. Thank You Claudine.

    Here is the link to my blog with the last three weeks APC's:

    Hugs :-) xxx

  7. Thank you Claudine & Happy Thanksgiving. You are right "what I am thankful for" is much easier than "what I like about myself" .I am having trouble with that one but am thankful for the challenge.

  8. Happy Holidays!
    I finally caught up with week 12! Yay! I am thankful for this challenge, very much so!

    I love your cards, those papers are awesome.


  9. Hello hello, here I am at last. Hugz