Monday, March 23, 2015

The Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 27

Thanks so much for coming by the blog again today. We are on week 27, the final week of the Altered Playing Card Challenge

If you have missed any of the previous week's here are the links

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I cannot believe we have made it through the entire deck of 52 cards, how fun has this been? I hope to give you all a couple of weeks to finish your decks and then move on to something else. I'm not sure what yet but keep following the blog to find out. 

This week I want to do some embossing onto our backgrounds
the first thing I did was add color with my Archival inks

Once your cards are inked you have to let them dry thoroughly, either use your heat gun to dry or set them aside for a couple hours to dry. 

Next I'm going to use a stamp, versamark ink and embossing powder to heat emboss onto my background
 The reason you need to let your card dry thoroughly after you first inked it, if you don't your embossing powder will not only stick to your stamped image it will stick to your background ink too. So it's important to let your card dry before this step

For the next card I used colored powder
I also used the stamp several times and then sprinkled with the colored embossing powder and heat set

These are my two backgrounds after the embossing step

For the next step, I'm using some old book paper, I chose a stamp and stamped directly onto the paper and cut out my image

I also drew my own heart and cut it out, I edged it with black marker

Working with the green card first I found a stamp that I liked that will go behind my butterfly

I used my Faber Castell oil pastel black to edge the stamp
Using my same piece of book page, I cut out a ribbon and edged that with black marker
I also used Tim Holtz chitchat stickers and grabbed a few words that I wanted to use

I went over the words with distress ink old paper so they would look aged. 

I glued my stamp and butterfly onto the card and using a smudging tool and my oil pastel crayon I went around my butterfly with the black, I simply rubbed the tool onto my crayon trapping some color and then using the tool I colored around my butterfly. This gives a soft hue around my image

Lastly, add everything to your card, I also went around my ribbon with the oil pastel just like I did the butterfly.
Here is my finished card

Working with the second card, I took a lot of the same steps
I used Tim's chitchat stickers again, this time I chose some words that were brown colored instead of white

I figured out what stamp and stickers I wanted to use and kind of positioned everything onto my card to see how I wanted to lay everything out

I then used my oil pastel and my tool to go around some of the items in my background

This is my finished second Altered Playing Card

and here are the two cards together

And the entire Deck!

Have fun making your last two cards, I hope you have enjoyed this adventure. I know it has been such fun for me to put out these tutorials each week. Seeing what you all create is the best part of this whole thing! I have loved it!
I know some of you have asked how I am going to store my cards so.....
Next week, I'm going to post a project I did for that purpose, come back next week to check it out
I had promised a give-a-way for those of you that have followed along and attempted to complete this challenge
So one lucky winner will win this prize pack!

In order to win the prize you must have 

1. followed along with the challenge 
2. Attempted to complete or completed the challenge 
3. Displayed my blog button or the challenge button on your blog (if you have a blog)

So just leave a comment to win and I will draw a winner and announce them next week with my display tutorial

Thank you for following along and have a wonderful week!!


  1. Hi Claudine, ooh, lots here. First I love these two cards. I will try and do them very soon. I still have 8 blank cards so thanks for giving us a couple of weeks to get them finished. I am going away in a couple of days so it doesn't look like I will be finished before then. Glad you are doing a storage box. I have mine in an old plastic box those posh round chocolates come in. I was thinking of pimping it up so will wait and see what you do. Fantastic prize pack. Here's hoping, although I already feel like a winner cos I have an amazing altered deck (almost LOL) that have become something to be proud of. It's a bit like a technique library. Thanks so much and I will defiantly be following along. Hugz

  2. Hi Claudine i have managed to get to week 19 of your challenge, have displayed your badge on my blog and have followed your progress every week.

    Am so close to finishing, have really enjoyed the techniques you had us try and experimented out of my comfort zone! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a generous prize if you are posting to the UK :-) xxx

  3. I have done all three! Thanks for this great art experience!

  4. I am sorry this is almost over. I have learned so much and have thoroughly enjoyed making every single card. I have strung a piece of string across my art room and each and everyone is hung from a tiny clothes pin. I can't bear to put them away. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in to make this so much fun!

  5. Great look on the last 2 playing cards of the deck! Off to see what I can do with mine....

  6. So glad you said "attempted" since I missed four weeks, but I will finish them also. This has been so much fun and I learned some new things while playing on these small surfaces. It is SO fun to look at them all spread out. Thanks for a great play!

  7. A fantastic challenge, I really enjoyed it. Thanks Claudine x

  8. It's been fun. It's not such a big project each time that you can't keep up and catch up. I liked a week off here and there too. I appreciate the time you gave to this project and thanks for your inspiration to try new things....and to buy more goodies!

  9. What a fun challenge this has been, ESPECIALLY since my non artistic (I thought) husband did them all with me!! I do not have a blog so am not able to do that part. Thoroughly enjoyed learning new techniques and making the cards our own. Thanks for all the work this involved for you.

  10. Like I said on FB page! Its been fun, interesting, inspirational ,motivational and yes a challenge! Cant wait to see what you come with Claudine ! It would be so great to win this & add to my craft tool stash, which I am sure will come in handy for whatever you have planned!

  11. Thanks for such a great challenge Claudine. I enjoyed every week! Can't wait to see what you do next.

  12. First of all I already once so please don't put me in for the prize. I joined late but I made 52 valentine playing cards. I made a banner and hung them on my Christmas tree. I was also going to Easter but another project has taken up most of my time. I just want to thank you for all the inspiration. I hope to tag along if you come up with a new challenge. Hugs

  13. This has been so much fun, Claudine. I can't believe we've finished the whole deck. They all look so good. I am looking forward to the storage solution for them. Thank you for all those weeks of instruction. I've used some of your techniques on other art as well!

  14. Claudine how lovely your last two cards are. What a shame it's the ladt ones. It has been extremely inspirational to follow your creations. Allthough I havent been able to follow along by making cards myself I have loved and enjoyed all what you shared.
    Thank you for your fabulous work.Hugs from Monica..... Spain

  15. Thank you so very much, Claudine, for hosting this challenge. It was so much fun, and I learned a lot. I am proud to say I kept up and finished the challenge right on time. I also displayed your APC button on my blog and linked back to you each week. Here are this week's cards:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win that awesome collection of supplies!

  16. Just gorgeous Claudine! I think you have managed to out do yourself each week! Each pair is so amazing. I love the textures and layers on this set so much!
    Thanks so much for a wonderful adventure with cards! Loved every moment and learned so much!

    Thanks so much for a chance to win too:)

    Here is my last set

  17. You really outdid yourself on the final cards. I love them and love the tip for using oil pastel for edging. I am working on my final two cards plus an extra since I did a joker. I have had to improvise on some of the challenges but it has been fun using what I have. Although I did not own any Washi tape and now you have turned me into a junkie. Thanks for the chance to win such awesome prizes. I added your regular button so my readers can check out your blog and be inspired also. :-)

  18. all the goodies you use, and these are both wonderful! So cool too!

  19. thank you for all your tutorials during all the last weeks .
    it's very helpful for me and give me some inspiration. usually I don't post any comment because I don't have a lot of time to , sorry about that !

  20. These last cards are absolutely fabulous, Claudine. I really LOVE them. I would give anything to have all the beautiful supplies you have. Your art is incredible, and you have shown it week after week after week. Thanks so much for doing this project. It has been an honor, even though I often felt like the poor stepchild trying to keep up.

    Here are my final two cards and the entire deck:

  21. I have loved the altered art challenge. I was not able to complete each challenge but I loved reading about each week's challenge. they are small quick projects that I could also use on larger projects. thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  22. Don't know if first comment went through, but if not, this was such a fun thing for my husband Terry and I to do as a couple. We looked forward each week to the new challenge and each of us managed to complete all 52 cards. What special memories and keepsakes we have to share with our family and friends. Thank-you so much Claudine for teaching us so many new techniques.

  23. This challenge has been so fun! I have completed all of my cards and enjoyed making every one of them. Thank you for the inspiration that you gave me by making cards and explaining your process. I used this as a basis for mine and then added my own touches. Sorry, but I don't have a blog where I could display your button.

  24. Woohoo, I've just finished my last set of cards. Many thanks Claudine, for all the work you've put into creating new cards each week. I've really enjoyed playing along and learning new techniques along the way. Thank you!!!

  25. Hi Claudine, managed these before I left for my week away. 6 still to do, hopefully next week. Hugz