Monday, March 16, 2015

Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 26

Oh my gosh, only one more week to go for The Altered Playing Card Challenge, Wow. How fun has this been? I've had a great time and I can't believe it's almost over

We are now onto week 26 of this challenge

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This week I wanted to focus on something called Monochromatic which basically means creating something with one color in many different shades. You can also use white or black in a monochrome project. 

I am no good with monochrome and it's a tough concept for me so this week will be a sort of challenge for me as well.

I started out with two different printed papers, one was a light teal color and the other was purple

I then grabbed some stencils, both of these are by Dylusions

For the next step I used acrylic paint but feel free to use inks if you choose
I did the purple card first and used a slightly darker shade of paint along with the stencil
( I like to use sponge dabbers with paint and stencils, you don't want too much paint on your dabber, I usually dab in the paint and then dab onto the craft sheet a few times and then begin to work)

For the second teal card, I did the same

Working with the teal card first, I first added a bit of ink around the edges

I then used my fine tip Bic marker and doodled a bit 

I then stamped Roc Nicholas's stamp called Screaming Bunny onto white card stock and colored him with copics
I used several different shades of teal for this

I then cut my bunny out

I used a different color ink to stamp Bla Bla Bla by Jill Penney and Daniel Torrente onto my background, then adhered my bunny and my words Even Silence Speaks By Jo Capper-Sandon
Here is my finished card

For the purple card I first used ink to edge my card

I then used my white gel pen to created some doodles here and there

I added some wash tape, I like to tear my washi tape and then add it to my backgrounds

I stamped  Mervynboy and Hat onto white card stock and colored them with several different shades of purple

I added the Goody, goody gumdrops sentiment last
Here is my finished card

and here are my two cards together

I hope that you will try this monochromatic theme this week. You don't even have to do yours like I did mine, as long as the concept is the same. The same colors in different shades.
Have fun this week, next week is out last and we will have a huge giveaway!! So come back!


  1. These are fabulous. Must go and work right now but will sit down later and make some APC's. The time goes so fast!! Feeling inspired. Thanks. Hugz

  2. What fun! Love monochromatic...always a challenge to create depth while using the same color but varying the tone.

  3. Fabulous theme Claudine, still need to catch up from week 19 so not sure i will make the final week but i sure will try. Thanks for the inspiration :-) x

  4. Love these, they are fabulous! Another fun and interesting challenge.

  5. Outstanding work. I too am kind of sad that you have reached the 26th week and it's almost over. You have really inspired me to give this a try sometime in the future myself! It's been like a HOP that just goes on and on! Thank you for all those weeks of projects, stories and pictures! It's been a really fun 25 week ride!

  6. So cute. I don't know how you have the time to do this every week. You rock!

  7. OK, here they are. In two minds about my ducky quote!! What so you think??

  8. I really enjoyed the challenge this week, Claudine. It was one I could relate to. I enjoyed your cards and thought they were super, even though you claimed they were hard for you.

    I hope you are finally feeling better, and you are back on your feet (both literally and figuratively).

    Here are my cards for this week's entry:

    Again, thank you for all you do to keep these cards interesting.

  9. I love goody goody gumdrops! Just so cute.

  10. Excellent work! Both of your cards just made me smile this week! I kept mine simple since I had such a busy week:

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. What fun, and week 26 - wow! Love your mad hatter.

  12. "no good with monochrome"? Ha! These are fabulous. I love how you do what you do.

  13. Can't believe just one more week left in the challenge! The time has flown by and I've had a lot of fun recreating my own set of altered playing cards. Thank you!

  14. Fabulous cards! I love your monochrome, so gorgeous. Adore your images, so perfect and quirky fun!
    Thanks so much as always, it has been so much fun!~kim
    my versions are here: