Monday, April 8, 2013

Free Your Voice

I made this Gelli Print page the other day, basically wiping off everything onto this page.. stencils, paints and other items. I think for a "wipe off" page its so cool. I love all the colors too.

Well, I bought the book from Tracy Bautista called "Doodles Unleashed." I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to do some major doodling. It's so good and so many prompts for art journaling too. 
Anyway, this gelli print page that I made screamed "Doodle, Tracy Bautista style," to me! I did what she recommended in the book and looked at my print and imagined what I see. I see a face with flowers and doodles all around. What do you see?

I used Pitt Pens, watercolor paints, gel pens, white acrylic paint and water soluble crayons to create this page. I didn't really do a tutorial, its all laid out in Tracy's book. Basically, I just pictured what I wanted my page to look like and doodled until it was out of my head and onto the page. 

So my page went from this:

To This:

I really love how it turned out. If you look real closely at the unfinished page, there are birds at the bottom. I had used the birds as a stencil on my gelli plate and wiped them off onto the page. I just made them more bold here. 
This page makes me think of all those people who try to silence your voice and make you be quite when all you want to do is speak your mind. Well, I say, "Free Your Voice!"
The way I use my voice a lot of times is through my journaling, it helps me feel free.

Thanks for coming by again :)


  1. Amazing before and after: Well done for seeing all that in there and giving it life!

  2. I love it when you see something in the clean up mess lol! You have done a brilliant job! I have just done a Tracy Bautista face too in my journal!!

  3. What a great page! Thank you so much for sharing! What a great idea.

  4. An awesome page, Claudine! Love how you fit those words in up on top.