Monday, February 23, 2015

Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 24

This is so crazy, we are on week 24 of this challenge, just a few more weeks to go. I am so glad that so many people have hung in with me on this one, it's been so fun. I really don't want it to end. 

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How many of you have a gazillion washi tape rolls?
 (gazillion = more than you can count haha)
Well, I know that I have way more than I need but I just can't stop buying the stuff.

I thought we could use that washi tape this week 
(note: if you don't have washi tape, you can use printed paper cut into strips)

For my first Altered Playing Card I grabbed a few rolls that I thought would look nice together

I'm going to use my glue stick for the tape because even though the tape is sticky I don't want it trying to fall off my altered card

All I'm going to do here is line up my washi tape to make stripes for my background
Each time I use tape, I add glue underneath it
so... glue, add tape, glue, add tape, glue, add tape

Once I'm finished adding the tape to the entire card I trim the edges and this is the background for my first card

I repeated the same steps for my second card
if I put my wash tape in the stack first I can see what they will look like together prior to putting it on my card

 I didn't like how thick the red polka dot tape was so I simply cut it into a thinner strip

If I Follow the pattern of dots I can then cut it straight

and lastly trim the edges.... here are my two backgrounds together

For the first card, I'm going to use a new release stamp from Stampotique, this one is called Rudy and is by Daniel Torrente

After embossing and heat setting my image I colored with copic markers, I then cut the seahorse out

I used my prismacolor marker to go around the edges of my seahorse to add a black out line

I wanted to create a circle to lay behind the seahorse so I used a piece of white card stock and my archival inks, simply smudge some of the ink onto the white paper

I then cut a circle with Tim Holtz's movers and shaper small circle 

and then edge with black archival ink

This circle will go behind my seahorse

Here is my finished playing card, I think the circle allows my seahorse to stand out a bit more

For my second card, I used a new die from Tim holtz and cut out a butterfly from white card stock, you are not going to use the butterfly that you cut out, your going to use the template remaining.... (note: be sure that you have enough paper to cover your entire altered playing card)

Next, I used blue archival ink to stamp some pretty writing 

I didn't like how bright the white card stock was so I used some archival ink to color my paper slightly

for the next step I'm going to use glossy accents as my glue (the washi tape is slick and I want to make sure I use a good adhesive) I am lining up the edge of my cut out image to the edge of my APC, this is how I'm lining up my butterfly
the only part of the washi tape showing should be the center of my butterfly 

Once the butterfly was glued onto my APC I then cut the excess off, this is the view from the backside of my altered playing card, I just cut off all that excess paper

I added some more orange archival ink onto white card stock again but this time I made it a bit darker. I stamped my words with black permanent ink

I then cut my words out and glued over the butterfly, I also edged my entire card with the same orange ink

Here is my finished card

and here are my two cards together

I hope you have a blast working with your washi tape this week. If you don't have a lot of washi tape like me you can always use printed paper, just cut them into strips and glue them on......
See you all next week!


  1. Lol! I knew there was some reason I bought some washi tape yesterday. Also now I have a use for a negative. I hate to throw them out after cutting out a shape.

  2. LOVE your cards and this week's tutorial! So clever! 2 MORE I now owe!! LOL. Thanks Claudine.

  3. Very little washi tape here...may have to use paper instead. Love the colorful cards you've created...maybe I *need* to stock up on some of this colorful tape after all!

  4. I have very little washi tape but this will be so much fun Looking forward to it! Yours are fantastic!

  5. I had fun with this one and was happy they got put together quickly. Still needing to catch up.

  6. love love love this play! Your cards are fabulous! So happy and excited about these, very happy and I think this is the quickest I completed my set.
    Thanks so much Claudine you are awesome!

    yay! caught up again:)

  7. Claudine, I don't think my comments are getting through. For example, I don't see the one I left last week with my Week 23 post.

  8. I hate to be a bother, but I left a comment on this week's post, too, but didn't see the usual visible after approval message. I rebooted and see it's working now.

  9. Oh these are so very fabulous! LOVE the tapes you've used. Makes me want to go out and buy a whole lot more, as mine are mostly pastels, and I love how striking these are.
    Am working card to get caught up... I'm starting week 20 now!

  10. That is a serious stash of washi tape you have there! What fun this week was! I especially love the butterfly and how it pops off the card. Here are mine for this week:

  11. I see my original post never got published, so I am going to give it again. Of course, I wanted to let you know how MUCH I loved this week's entry. You made two beautiful APCs, and I was simply thrilled that I could make something even close to what you created.

  12. Hi Claudine. Here they are for this week, Hugz

  13. Loved it! Totally liked how you used the template of the butterfly!